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3 Ways to Make Your Day More Productive

Simple, quick, and effective tips to make your day more productive.

1. Make a Checklist Getting those tasks out of your head and onto paper will help you stay focused and will keep your tasks prioritized. At the end of the day, you will never say "Oh darn! I knew I forgot something today!" AND if by chance you have a helper available, you'll be able to easily delegate a task without having to put much thought into it.

2. Plan Your Meals Food is the #1 thing we need to sustain ourselves and keep a balanced day, yet it is often the most forgotten and unplanned thing that we do! Without regularly planned meals, our sugar levels are more likely to fluctuate causing performance highs, lows, and mood swings. You have to eat, so don't leave it out of your planning!

3. Schedule Time for Texting Being accessible also means being distracted. Set up auto-replies on your phone and email to let people know when you'll be available to chat or reply. It's better than no response at all and allows you to go about your day flawlessly executing all that you set out to do.

For more tips & tricks on how to make your days more productive and efficient, be sure to subscribe to our blog today (or put it on your checklist ;-)

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