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5 Tips for Cavity Free Kids

4 kids, 112 teeth, 0 cavities

Cavities fillings, root canals, pulled teeth, crowns and bridges are expensive, especially when multiplied by the number of teeth we have to care for in our home. But when we put a financial spin on tooth care, we got less push back & more cooperation from the kiddos.

Here's how:

1. Until they have enough of their own money to pay for a filling, we control sugar consumption. If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times, "I would rather take you to Disney than the dentist." Well, turns out the kids would rather that too. We allow one sweet snack once a day after dinner, and only just before they brush their teeth prior to bed. This ban on sweets is lifted when they've earned and saved enough money to pay for the dentist, forcing them to rethink how cavities might affect their hard earned funds.

2. Tooth check! At the end of the night, all four kiddos come right to me for their nightly tooth check. Mouths wide open, with a flash light scoping them out. I either approve or send them back to the sink!

3. Plaque revealing toothpaste or tablets show kids exactly where they've missed with a bright blue or purple stain marking the spot. They can be purchased here from Amazon.

4. Train them on best practices for brushing their teeth. I like this video on YouTube as it presents a step by step tutorial for good oral hygiene.

5. Fillers from the dentist. As their grown up molars grow in, purchase filler and sealant from the dentist. It cost about $30 per tooth (check with your local dentist of course) and fills in the grooves, acting as a long lasting preventative.

Aside from saving them money, your kids will appreciate you teaching them good oral hygiene as they grow into adulthood. At least, that's what we can all hope for!

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