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Attn: Stay at Home Mom

Dear Colleague,

I'm angry with you. I'm angry because you shrink as you admit to staying home with your kids full-time. I'm frustrated with you for saying you are "just a stay at home mom". I'm angry because you will allow someone in the workforce let you think that you have no experience because you haven't been paid a salary for the last 8 years. Why on earth would you give them the power to make you feel this way?! Why on earth do you treat yourself this way?! I am a mom. I am also a business owner. Do you know what? Owning a business is easier! Workdays have breaks and conversation for the sake of conversation, rather then continuous requests.

You are allowing our titles to be diminished. We are not just moms. We are responsible for the world's next generation of healers and innovators. We are the answer to world peace through common sense and compassion. The moment you shrink behind your title is the moment that title shrinks as well. Please stop downplaying our role. It's time to put the pride back in our tone. I am a Chief Executive Mom. I run my household with vision, conviction, and passion. I specialize in people development on every level. I schedule fairly and change policies with logical feedback.

How is this different than any other CEO? Any Inc.5000? Or Any Forbes 100?

It isn’t. And it's time you understand that.

Your role is not unpaid, it's a long term equity investment.

If you allow any employer or person to undervalue you, not only are you hurting your family brand, but you are encouraging them to judge the rest of us.

Please take action on your confidence, immediately.

Thank you.


Jennifer Lopez


This Functional Family, LLC

Founder, C.E.M. Conference Room

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